Sail on Glamdog


We are the gold magnolias


The Gold Magnolias: Magnolium Aurum: A very rare species of gilded flora native to the U.S. south, but found lately in the seldom-greens of New York City, the five petals of Magnolium Aurum represent the five pillars of funk. Let's listen to their wisdom.

Songsmith, Hudson Mueller, and golden-throated Evan Felts lead the pollination effort with their sweet lyrics. All the bees are flockin' with Ryan Anselmi’s siren sax call, and the funky foundations of bass-man Daniel Foose and drummer Jeff Barton.

For the past seven years, this union of southern soul soldiers has wafted their funky fragrance to audiences across the land with such hits as "Brooklyn Streets," "Southern Man" and "Dirty French Fry".  Fresh off the release of their sophomore album, "Sail on Glam Dog," the GMAGS look to drop a new EP this fall with more fun, provocative and above all, funky tunes for your enjoyment.


Vocals, Keys, Guitar / Evan Felts
Vocals, Guitar / Hudson Muller
Bass / Daniel Foose
Saxophone / Ryan Anselmi
Drums / Jeff Barton



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News & Updates from the mag Motel


New EP to be Announced at Mondo.NYC Music Festival

The Gold Magnolias slotted as featured performer during Mondo.NYC Music Festival, October 4th-8th, 2017.  Playing at the festival's official headquarters on Friday night at 10 PM, the band launches their annual Fall Tour and announces a new EP album.  The band will be hitting spots in North and South Carolina, Louisiana, Texas and more.

Event passes to the Mondo.NYC Music Festival are still available.  Click Here for more information.

Check out the Tour page to find individual show tickets for our show during the festival.

Glamdogs sign on to live stream in VR with Endless Riff

VR app company, Endless Riff, signs The Gold Magnolias to a brand partnership to live stream the band's performances on the Facebook Oculus app.  Performances in August, September, and November are slated.  To learn more check out Endless Riff here or find them in the Oculus Store.



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by The Gold Magnolias